Automatic Pouch Battery Module Pack Assembly Line
Cell application range: L75-400*W70-240*T4-30(mm)
Module application range: L650*W500*H500(mm)
Production Line Dimension: L65000*W7000*H2600(mm)
Production Line Efficiency: 15ppm
Product application areas
1.The automatic polymer pouch battery module pack assembly line consists of three parts: the cell processing and stacking section, the module welding assembly section and the pack assembly section.
2.The cell processing section realizes cell loading, lug cutting, shaping, voltage internal resistance test, plasma cleaning, cell sticking foam, and cell flipping. The module welding into the shell assembly section realizes laser cleaning of the pole, Bar, laser welding bar, installation of collection line and temperature measuring head and other functions.
3.The pack assembly section processes cleaning of the lower case, application of heat-dissipating glue, insertion of modules into the case, cleaning of the upper case, application of glue, and installation of BMS boards and related accessories.
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