Automatic Vacuum Infusion Machine for Pouch Lithium Batteries
Functional Overview:
It is mainly used for automatic liquid injection, evacuation and pre-packaging of soft-pack liquid lithium-ion batteries. Realize automatic code scanning, weighing, liquid injection, vacuum standing for three times, vacuum sealing, and weighing after liquid injection for soft-packed lithium-ion batteries before liquid injection, sorting NG cells, and good-quality cells are output from the material box.
Product application areas
Technical Features:
● Automatic product scanning and weighing before liquid injection.
● The product automatically injects liquid in vacuum and stands still in vacuum.
● The product is automatically vacuum pre-sealed.
● Automatic weighing and NG sorting after liquid injection.
● The liquid injection pump and the control box are isolated from the equipment separately to facilitate parameter adjustment and avoid pollution and corrosion.
● Product injection and good product automatic material box output.
● The liquid injection station adopts liquid injection under vacuum state to ensure that the electrolyte can quickly penetrate into the cell.
● The product fixture circulation device is equipped with a liquid tank to prevent the residual electrolyte on the product positioning device from polluting and corroding the equipment.
● Automatic electrolyte stirring system to remove air bubbles and prevent dripping during liquid injection.
● The structure of the head assembly adopts the opening and closing movement structure, which is convenient for inspection, maintenance and assembly.
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