Automatic Battery Formation & Capacity Grading Line
Brief to the Automatic Battery Formation and Capacity Grading Line:
The battery formation and capacity grading equipment takes into account the two processes of chemical formation and capacity separation. It is connected to the automatic logistics line, automatically disassembles and stacks the trays, stacks the stacker up and down the warehouse, charges and discharges the cells or batteries, expands the battery capacity and capacity testing, and has a wide range High precision, compatible with the design of batteries of all materials in the current market, and can be designed according to user needs. The needle beds in the vertical warehouse are equipped with smoke detectors and special fire protection systems to realize automatic fire extinguishing without stopping production.
Product application areas
The modular design of each component of the system is convenient for quick adjustment and supports non-stop line change.
1.Basic parameters
  • Discharge feeding grid efficiency: ≥80%
  • Current control accuracy: ±(0.05%FS+0.05%RD)
  • Voltage control accuracy: ±(0.05%FS+0.05%RD)
  • Voltage resolution: 0.1mV
  • Current resolution: 0.1mA
  • Time accuracy: ≤±0.1%
  • All kinds of testing equipment
  • Multi-channel negative pressure system
  • Energy regenerative power supply
  • Five-sided semi-closed cabinet
  • Fire Fighting System
2. Features:
  • It can realize high temperature and high negative pressure formation, and the negative pressure can reach -90±5Kpa
  • It can realize high-rate charge and discharge, shorten the process flow and improve production efficiency
  • The internal short circuit of the battery can be predicted in advance, and multiple fire protection measures can be configured to greatly improve the safety
  • Unique patented probe structure, low calorific value, temperature rise ≤ 15°C
  • Structural design of detachable probe assembly for easy maintenance and quick changeover
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