• Cell Stack System Assembly Line
    1) The multi-station silo does not stop feeding, which can realize the automatic stacking of plates and membrane electrodes.
    2) Servo pressing, two control modes: position mode and pressure mode.
    3) On-line air tightness detection: differential pressure method and flow method.
  • Membrane Electrode Production Line
    Accept capacity customization and different process combinations according to customer requirements;
    1) Coil cutting system: realize the cutting and scrap recovery of 3CCM, frame, GDL and other coil or sheet materials.
    2) Visual positioning system, which can visually locate the 3CCM, frame and GDL carried by the robot.
  • Glue joint line
    The line has all the functions of the dispensing machine to realize precise dispensing;
    Four-axis robot to realize product loading and unloading;
    The broken glue detection system detects the presence of glue and removes NG products for temporary storage;
    Universal material frame can store 50-100 PCS products.
  • PEM bipolar plate sealing automatic dispensing machine and packaging production line
    Accept capacity customization and different process combinations according to customer needs;
    1) Basic functional configuration: conveying system, dispensing system, broken glue detection system, bonding system, pressurization system, curing system, glue detection system, material receiving system, information management system

    2) Optional functional configuration: code scanning system, air tightness detection system, AGV trolley, etc
    3) Main process:
    Realize the packaging and detection of graphite plate, composite plate and metal plate
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack Assembly Line
    1) It can realize automatic and continuous production of feeding, stacking and blanking, and the qualification rate of primary process equipment is ≥ 98%;
    2) High-precision robot, CCD vision positioning and positioning tooling are adopted to ensure the alignment accuracy in the stacking process;
    3) The pressure at different points can be monitored and different pressure application modes can be set during the pressing process; The fastening can be divided into screw, tie and side plate, which can be selected according to the customer’s process; Set up independent NG station to deal with abnormal conditions in the process of stacking to ensure production continuity.
  • Hydrogen production from offshore wind energy
    At present, the main forms of hydrogen production from offshore wind power are: firstly, the electricity generated is transmitted to the electrolysis tank along the coast through the submarine cable, and the hydrogen generated by water electrolysis is stored and transported everywhere; secondly, the electricity generated by wind power is transmitted to the offshore oil and gas platform, and the hydrogen energy is transmitted to the land through the existing natural gas pipeline after the water electrolysis on the oil and gas platform.
  • Automatic supporting equipment for mass production of hydrogen tank for vehicles
    This equipment is applicable to the loading and unloading of screw thread machine, surface treatment machine, winding machine, curing furnace and other processes of type III and type IV bottles. The equipment is mainly composed of well-known brand robots, with independently developed ground rail and loading control system. The equipment is mature in application, and one robot can be used for loading and unloading of multiple winding machines.
  • Onboard hydrogen supply system (including high-pressure hydrogen bottle and liquid hydrogen bottle)
    Bohuite Technology can provide reasonable scheme reference suggestions for different models according to customer needs, and carry out customized scheme design and development according to the installation space, endurance mileage and other vehicle supporting requirements, to design the optimal scheme structure for customers, and can provide intelligent operation and maintenance (Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles) and other services by configuring corresponding equipment.
  • Complete equipment of hydrogenation station
    With the maturity of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the industrialization of hydrogen energy applications and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles requires supporting services and facilities for industrialization.
  • Liquid hydrogen plant solution and storage containers
    To provide clients with 5 ~ 30 TPD scale liquefied hydrogen technology package, liquid hydrogen bottle automation intelligent production line, for hydrogen storage for a long time and long distance transportation solutions.
  • Water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment
    Bright Automatrix Inc. launched a solar distributed hydrogen production energy storage system solution for single-family and multi-family residences, which integrates solar energy, hydrogen energy, thermal energy, lithium battery energy storage and fuel cells and other multi-energy complementary comprehensive integrated systems. With energy management systems to meet all the electrical energy needs of homes and communities. In addition, the waste heat generated by the system is used to provide heating and hot water for houses or communities. The goal of minimizing grid load is achieved by using distributed long-term energy storage solutions to achieve low or zero grid interaction.
  • Alkaline electrolyzer assembly machine
    1. It can realize the assembly of alkaline electrolyzer and online air tightness detection
    2. Two control modes: position mode and pressure mode
    3. Historical data storage, parameters can be traced
    4. Closed loop control system
    5. Basic functional configuration: portable hoisting manipulator (3-axis) material transfer platform, differential pressure method/flow method airtight detection kit, servo hydraulic system, preloading and compacting integrated module
  • PEM double plate sealing automatic dispensing machine and assembly line
    Model butylated hydroxytoluene H5030-1
    Applicable product range (500 X) 300 ╳ ╳ (Y) (Z) 5 mm
    Capacity 20 s/PCS or less
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